Hello! I'm Maciek Marć (b. 1994). Graphic and type designer based in Łódź, Poland. Working at PBD as a graphic designer.

Currently working on way too many typefaces and personal projects at once. Hence I intend to use this page mainly as a tool for myself — to motivate me to complete many of the projects I’ve started over the years.
Most of the works here are a W.I.P. so please treat them as such. Typefaces for example still have a lot of quirks, and not a lot of kerning.

I will try to update my projects as often as possible, so if you’re interested in seeing the progress of them — remember to check my site from time to time.

bespoke typefaces
custom logotypes
brand design
website design
print design
motion work

I’m always open to new projects & fresh ideas. Feel free to contact me for CV or full portfolio.

Send me an email at: maciekmarc.works(at)gmail.com or drop me a PM on social media — whatever is more convenient for you.

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Last update: 03.01.2021