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Last update: 12.07.20 — 16:33 CEST

Buñuel Display Typeface [WIP]

Version: 0.2

Last update: 20.06.20

Bunuel is the typeface first inspired by the cover of the book I found at home (about Luis Bunuel) that was set in some kind of Blippo or Horatio, I believe. I digged deeper, and found other cool typefaces like these from the 70s and 80s. This and also the Lubalin work that I’ve admired for a long time now were the main inspirations for making a modern, display, geometric typeface. Made for tight kerning with lots of discretionary ligatures and alternative letters, that also has some retro flavour to it. The semibold (600) weight is only the starting point of this project as I intend to expand this into the full font family in the future — with weights from Thin to Black.

Available for testing purposes only. Send me an e-mail for trial version of the font. All glyphs subject to change.

In use:

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